Learn the ancient power of vedic chanting in this 6-week
Vedic Chanting Course

COURSE BEGINS - Sunday, November 5th

Please join AYA director, KPJAYI authorized teacher, and two-time certified Vedic chanting
teacher under Sri Swami Mayatitananda (Maya Tiwari),Todd Roderick for this in-depth, Vedic
Chanting 6 Week Course. This course is open to all levels and open to all forms of yoga practitioner
or non-yoga practitioner. This course covers ancient chants delivered from Vedic text. With the chants learned, the power of sound and vibration will be experienced. Vedic chanting, like yoga, is taught traditionally through a long line of teacher to student (parampara), and we invite you to join in on this ancient learning and transformational

Course tuition: $150
Course begins Sunday, September 10th
Meets every Sunday from 11:15am-12:15pm for 6-weeks.
Please pre-register

Asana practice is only one of many tools which we can use to achieve higher states of consciousness. Vedic chanting is another very powerful catalyst toward this same aim. Vedic chanting is also part of ayurvedic's three fold path to well-being through food, breath and sound.

Through Vedic chanting we can solidify our intentions on the path of yoga, attain greater physical / emotional well-being and reach deeper meditative states. The main purpose of Vedic chanting is to elevate and expand our consciousness. Vedic chanting also has a profound affect on balancing our emotions and harmonizing the subtle layers of our body. When we chant Sanskrit, a seed becomes planted deep in our consciousness. The more we chant, the more we find that seed begins to grow. As this seed grows we witness ourselves growing on our spiritual path.

Sanskrit is the language of Vedic tradition. In Sanskrit, the meaning of a word is not separate from the sound and vibrational frequency of the word. Sound is a vibration and vibration is the source of the sound and energy of a chant. Chanting the Vedas allows us to align ourselves with the source of the vibrations and become one with the source. The whole world is made up of molecules and atoms, which are in turn nothing but energy vibrating in a certain way. Therefore each sound / vibration of a chant triggers an impulse within the body and mind on a cellular level.