Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional practice based on ancient yoga teachings, and made popular through the teachings of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009).  Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging and rigorous style of yoga that follows specific sequences of postures aimed at methodically opening, strengthening, balancing and purifying the body and mind.  Postures are linked together through breath synchronized movement (vinyasa) which build and maintain heat (tapas) within the body while keeping the mind engaged and focused.  The main focus of the the Ashtanga practice is Tristhana which means the three places of attention or action: breathing system (pranayama), posture (asana), and looking place (dristhi). These three are very important for yoga practice, and cover the three levels of purification: the body, nervous system and the mind. 

Mysore Style

Mysore is the style in which Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught and practiced. It is the only true all levels yoga class. This style of class is self-paced and each student is taught individually. 

The Mysore room is an open space for the student to come practice at any point during the allotted hours. During the student’s practice, he or she will be taught to follow direct sequencing from the Ashtanga Yoga series from beginner to advanced. The Ashtanga posture sequences will be taught to the student directly from the teacher one-on-one. As the student gains more independence in the practice, guidance and adjustments are given by the teacher when needed. This allows your practice to constantly refine and deepen.

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All Levels Welcome

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What to expect as a beginner in Mysore class:


As a beginner, you’ll be taught the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Yoga practice
one-on-one. You’ll learn what forms the foundation of the practice in small manageable pieces. You will be guided through basic posture sequences while learning to synchronize your breath with movement. Your first few classes will only be around 30-45 minutes. With regular attendance, your practice will gradually increase in length. New students always receive the most attention during class so you’ll never be left on your own. Over time the fundamental sequence of postures are learned and memorized. The teacher will then slowly add new postures to your practice as you progress.


Led Ashtanga Classes:


Led Ashtanga classes are taught in the traditional sanskrit count. There is no music and the student is expected to have some knowledge of Primary Series before attending. If you currently are not finished with Primary Series before attending a led class, please stop at your last posture and wait for closing on your mat. For your safety please do not try new postures in led. It is advised that you wait for Mysore class to learn new postures.