Mysore 10:00-12:00Pm
Vedic Chanting 12:00-12:30PM
Beginner Course 4:00-5:30PM (pre-registration required)

Mysore 5:30-8:30AM
Mysore 6:00-8:00PM

Mysore 5:30-8:30AM

Mysore 5:30-8:30AM
Mysore 6:00-8:00PM

Mysore 5:30AM-8:30AM

Primary Series Led 5:45AM

* No beginner student drop-in's for Sunday Mysore class.
*Please confirm with our live schedule for possible moon days or holidays.
*Mysore classes are not held on Full & New moon days.
*Please see 2018 moon days listed below.


Experienced Practitioners

You're welcome to show up at any point during Mysore class as long as you leave enough time to finish your practice.

Beginner Level Students

If you're new to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga the best place for you to start is to sign up for our 6-week Beginner Course.   

As a new student to Mysore class the best time to arrive for your first class is 5:30AM.  This assures ample, uninterrupted time for us to work with you one-on-one. Please contact us before you plan on dropping in ( There are no beginner level drop-in's allowed during Sunday Mysore class. 

Private Instruction      

Teachers at AYA are available for private sessions both in the AYA shala or at your home.  If you’re interested in scheduling private sessions please contact us at

AYA studio privates rate - $125 per hour

On location private rates vary depending on location.  Please inquire by email.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.




30 Day Unlimited Package

8 Class Package 30 Day expiration


16 Class Package 90 day expiration


2018 Moon Days

*Mysore Classes are not held on Full & New moon days

January  Mon. 1 / Wed. 17 / Wed. 31
February   Thu. 15
March  Thu. 1 / Sun. 18 / Fri. 30
April  Mon. 16 / Mon. 30
May  Tue. 15 / Tue. 29
June  Wed. 13 / Thu. 28
July  Fri. 13 / Fri. 27
August  Fri. 10 / Sun. 26
September  Sun. 9 / Tue. 25
October  Tue. 9 / Thu. 25
November  Wed. 7 / Fri. 23
December  Fri. 7 / Sun. 23