Vedic Chanting donation class

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Meets every Sunday 8:30-9:30AM

Suggested donation - $10 (or whatever you can afford)

The format of this class is call and response. Vedic chanting is super easy to learn and its benefits can be felt immediately. This class will cover many chants from the Vedas and Upanishads and will also include the Ashtanga opening and closing chants.

Passed down over centuries, Vedic chanting is the oldest, unbroken oral tradition in existence.  The Rishis transmitted the knowledge of the Vedas onto their disciples who in turn passed this knowledge to their students.  This is what forms the unbroken chain of student-teacher-tradition called parampara.  This class follows the principals of parampara and constitutes the foundation of correct learning of this ancient knowledge. 

The study and chanting of the Vedas is called adhyayanam, which literally means to come closer to your inner self. Vedic chanting provides a tool for self-observation and a way to advance, enhance, and inspire your spiritual path. 

Adhyayanam is considered a form of meditation and pranayama, the practice effortlessly guides our mind to a place of deep inner quietude and tranquility while ultimately transforming habitual and unconscious thought patterns into all-prevading and powerful sound vibrations contributing to a sense of well being and emotional balance.