Experienced Practitioners
You may show up at any point during class as long as you leave enough time to finish your practice.

Beginner Students
The best time window to arrive for your first few Mysore classes is between 5:30-6:15am. This assures ample, uninterrupted time for us to work with you one-on-one. Or, for a more thorough breakdown of the practice please sign up for our 6-week Beginner Course

Private Instruction
Todd is available for private sessions both in the AYA shala or at your home.  If you’re interested in scheduling private sessions please contact Todd through the email below for pricing and schedule availability.       

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

*Classes are not held on Full & New moon days. Please see 2018 moon days listed below.

Studio Etiquette

— Do not wear perfume, cologne, after shave, essential oils, or scented antiperspirant
— Arrive bathed and in clean clothes
— Small towel in addition to mat is useful
— Bring water for after practice
— Practice on an empty stomach
— Bring all valuables into the practice room
— Sign-in and pay before class
— Be considerate of students regarding behavior and noise level
— Inform the teacher of any injuries or medical / health issues
— Come prepared to work hard, sweat, and stay focused
— Do not where jewelry such as watches, necklaces, dangling earrings or bulky bracelets and rings.


*We accept cash, checks (made payable to Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta) and credit/debit card payments.
* Your first few classes must be on a weekday morning starting at 6am or 8am. This assures ample, uninterrupted time for us to work with you one-on-one. 
* Class cards are nonrefundable and there are no holds on monthly cards.
* All teachers have the right to refuse service.


2018 Moon Days

January  Mon. 1 / Wed. 17 / Wed. 31
February   Thu. 15
March  Thu. 1 / Sun. 18 / Fri. 30
April  Mon. 16 / Mon. 30
May  Tue. 15 / Tue. 29
June  Wed. 13 / Thu. 28
July  Fri. 13 / Fri. 27
August  Fri. 10 / Sun. 26
September  Sun. 9 / Tue. 25
October  Tue. 9 / Thu. 25
November  Wed. 7 / Fri. 23
December  Fri. 7 / Sun. 23